This page lays out the parish landscaping approach. Thanks to all the volunteers who keep our church landscaping looking so beautiful! We call them the Gardenin' Angels! 


Style of Landscaping: 

Spectrum: Formal (static) / Informal (color all year) / Natural (self-sustaining, less maintenance). 

Currently: F/I. 

Move toward: I/N to add color, reduce maintenance, and be more pollinator-friendly. Native where possible. 

Avoid chemicals! Weed by hand. 


Cultural Conditions: make sure right plant in the right place in the right size for the right zone

1) Sun. Clinton side of the church pretty much faces north, and the N. Division side pretty much south.

2) Soil. Testing has not been done.

3) Slope. Property is flat, no particular water pooling

4) Wind. None that would influence landscaping.



Around church: a variety of evergreens

Exception: side of church facing townhouses / chain link fence no shrubbery.

Exception: wall along classroom windows has evergreens only at ends, closer to bell (1 taxus) and closer to townhouses (5 junipers). 

Nook around round bell: Knockout roses (sturdy and resilient). Small stones from Home Depot because prior mud would splash on window.

Containers on either side of the N. Division doors - geraniums, petunias. 

Arbor Vitae in Sister Karen Garden.

A few small islands near Sister Karen Garden with a variety of plants.

Typically 2 pots in front of Division-side door;Betsy and Jerry usually plants geraniums with vines. 



From the Sister Karen garden toward Clinton only. Family Promise is taking care of the beds, pots, and vegetable gardens around their building. 


1) low maintenance. Minimal pruning, watering required. Note with watering: run hot water out of the hose before wetting plants

2) Deer-resistance not a concern. Avoid berries that might attract rodents.


2019 plan:

- Parish clean-up day 5/11. Planting day 6/1. 

- Easter Plants put in ground 5/17, 21 by Jesus statue in hopes they will come back in the spring (more to come)

- Plant 9 Virginia Creeper along chain link fence where visible to parish. If they take, plant them in 2020 where visible to townhouses. Pollinator-friendly. Good bird habitat, Native. Planting and watering instructions on Russell's site 

- Plant sunflowers in between Arbor Vitae in Sister Karen Garden

- Plant shrubs along classroom wall under windows where previous evergreens did not take. Contrasting color to red brick, seasonal interest. Use 3 inkberry and 6 white potentilla. Mass as 3P - 3I - 3P so as not to look like "tic tac toe". Use some compost when planting and biotone starter fertilizer. along with 2" of mulch. Plant white phlox (creeping perennial) in front of shrubs, use soil-moist.

- Jerry continues to mow lawn.


Reflections on 2019: Sunflowers never made it; Marigolds did well when watered. Having Br. Aaron around to water new plantings was critical. Petunias under the trees between the doors and Clinton did not last long, again due to not enough watering. Weeds in between bricks / pavers treated with an Epsom salt - Vinegar - Dawn mixture by Marta. 


Spring 2020 observations: All 6 Potentilla and 3 Inkberry thriving. White phlox did not make it. Virginia Creeper is creeping. Many of the 2019 Easter plants survived, including lilies and mums. 

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