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Recognizing Christ--A reflection by Peggy Wolf and Dick Baldwin

This reflection was submitted by two parishioners in response to a question during a recent homily, "Where have you recognized Christ outside of church?"

We were struggling in the church parking lot to get Peggy and her folding wheelchair into Dick's car after the 11:00 Sunday Mass a few years ago. A lady approached us quietly. We didn't know her, but we recognized her as a member of the church family.

"Could you use a handicap van equipped with an automatic lift for that wheelchair?", she asked. "Well, yes," Dick replied. "But it would depend on how much you want for it." "Oh, I don't want anything for it. I am giving it to you," she said. 


"It was for my husband. He died a while ago, and I don't need it any longer. So I am giving it to you," the lady explained.

We considered it to be a blessing from God, given through his angel in our church family. It vastly improved the quality of Peggy's life, enabling her to "graduate" into a heavier electric wheelchair and eventually to use the NFTA's Paratransit bus service after the van wore out.

We have prayed for that lady every day since that afternoon when she approached us in the church parking lot. We still pray for her.

Her name was Joanne Massaro.

Sadly, Joanne was taken from us recently by the novel Coronavirus Covid-19.

Rest in peace, Joanne. God bless you among His angels.

Thank you, Jesus.

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